Ariia: The Forgotten Albums

I recently uploaded some new and some forgotten albums to my Google Play account.  I realised I hadn’t heard such gems as Poterianniy Ray (Lost Paradise) or Probil Chas (Comes the Hour) in some time, so I wondered which albums I had missed uploading.  I’d also bought an MP3 CD of the newer releases and some of the Kipelov albums.

[I should add here that Kipelov are a heavy metal band fronted by Valeriy Kipelov, for many years lead singer of Ariia, and contains a number of ex-Ariia musicians. They formed in 2002.  The ‘split’ could be equated with that of Ariia-Master in 1987]

Needless to say, I’d forgotten how good it all was.  I must have avoided adding Shtil’ (Calm) because there were a couple of very poor songs (notably that English song and the duet with UDO is not to may taste), and I never had a legal copy of Probil Chas until recently. I also quite like the differences in the Kipelov albums to the Ariia albums too: it’s very similar, but different.  More to my taste, maybe: I haven’t decided yet.

Still languishing in the attic is 2000 i odna noch’ (2000 and One Nights), which will need to be uploaded, especially as Kto Ty? (Who are You?) is one of my ‘missed’ songs.  I have started uploading the live and compilation albums as a whole rather than just the songs I like off of them: so Bespechniy Angel (Carefree Angel) would need to be dug out as well.

I am also enjoying the one-off AVAriia ( a play-on-words: avariia is emergency) acoustic album by two of the Ariia members.  Although it is quite strange hearing songs you know and love sung in a toned-down, acoustic, that-song-by-Extreme manner!


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