Realisations: Understanding Research

I had my second supervision today: it was incredibly useful, if somewhat garrulous (I think we’re both guilty of wandering off-topic occasionally!).  Afterwards, I went and had my lunch in the CLAS study area (because there’s a microwave there) and read the article on Sepultura I had found.

It occurred to me, as I paused to squeeze my teabag onto the side of my tin mug, that I never envisioned reading an academic article on Sepultura in any context…

Later I went to the PGR Study Area.  It always feels a bit weird going there, because I don’t very often and to me it’s still the Russian departmental office, back when we had one of those.  Since then, it’s been a number of different areas including a teaching area, but I always remember it as part of the office.  It’s amazing how first impressions linger.

Going back the the supervision, it was not only constructive and thought-provoking, but it also made me realise how much work I have actually done.  Once I got down to work in the Study Area, I logged into Google Drive to pick up my notes on various books that I had semi-dictated to my phone when I was writing my proposal, which was less soul-destroying than I expected as there was much more than I thought (only, not on the books I thought I’d done loads with).

It still doesn’t feel like I’ve done much: between work and compulsory seminars, there’s little time during term-time to do much at all, and the preparation for my research trip in less than two weeks has taken up a fair chunk, and the usual October free-time-drought was well in effect this year.  I was reminded today that the compulsory seminars don’t really count for anything (beyond turning up) but I have felt that those I’ve wanted to get something out of I’ve put the right amount of work into.  I imagine for those I see as less relevant (and I’m pretty good by now at the ‘thinking outside the box’ and finding a way for almost everything to be relevant) will get much less time devoted to them.

I am hoping to be able to compile a workable to-do list soon, as well: I think that’s important for the planning I still haven’t gotten around to…


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