My First Research Trip

Tomorrow I go to Moscow on a research trip.  It will probably be the only research trip of my Masters, but should be a great start to my research career in travelling!

Generally, I’m pretty negative about Moscow: I had a terrible experience in 2003 (it was hot, humid and full of people) and I find it just like London, which I lived next to for 18 years.  In 2012 it was better: the city was celebrating 850 years and we went to the Battle of Borodino 200th Anniversary Reenactment (which I gave a presentation on at the Remakes in Russia workshop in 2014: my first exposure to ‘real’ academia, maybe!).  Everyone in the public services was really friendly, which is weird for Russia generally!  It was similar in St. Petersburg last year: everyone was much more like British service people…!

I will be going entirely on my own this time too, like when I went to Germany in 2005: this is new and scary, because Russia is so… different.  Still, it’s only 5 days on my own and it’ll be a nice break.

Oh, and then there’s my research: as well as attending a 7-hour heavy metal concert, I’m arranging some interviews with key people.  Exciting, and also scary!

I am also hoping to get to the massive air museum at Monino as well, and in a follow up to mine and Matt’s London trip, the cosmonaut museum.  We also went to the tourist ‘tat’ market in 2003 so I hope to return (albeit on a weekday so half the stalls will be shut) and apparently there’s an Ekranoplan outside the Navy museum…

That’s, of course, if they let me into the country in the first place…


Ariia: The Forgotten Albums

I recently uploaded some new and some forgotten albums to my Google Play account.  I realised I hadn’t heard such gems as Poterianniy Ray (Lost Paradise) or Probil Chas (Comes the Hour) in some time, so I wondered which albums I had missed uploading.  I’d also bought an MP3 CD of the newer releases and some of the Kipelov albums.

[I should add here that Kipelov are a heavy metal band fronted by Valeriy Kipelov, for many years lead singer of Ariia, and contains a number of ex-Ariia musicians. They formed in 2002.  The ‘split’ could be equated with that of Ariia-Master in 1987]

Needless to say, I’d forgotten how good it all was.  I must have avoided adding Shtil’ (Calm) because there were a couple of very poor songs (notably that English song and the duet with UDO is not to may taste), and I never had a legal copy of Probil Chas until recently. I also quite like the differences in the Kipelov albums to the Ariia albums too: it’s very similar, but different.  More to my taste, maybe: I haven’t decided yet.

Still languishing in the attic is 2000 i odna noch’ (2000 and One Nights), which will need to be uploaded, especially as Kto Ty? (Who are You?) is one of my ‘missed’ songs.  I have started uploading the live and compilation albums as a whole rather than just the songs I like off of them: so Bespechniy Angel (Carefree Angel) would need to be dug out as well.

I am also enjoying the one-off AVAriia ( a play-on-words: avariia is emergency) acoustic album by two of the Ariia members.  Although it is quite strange hearing songs you know and love sung in a toned-down, acoustic, that-song-by-Extreme manner!